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Lynda Thayer LMT, CPC  Intuitive Healer and Coach, owner of Radiant Healing Center in Framingham MA, offers a variety of healing techniques.  With these healings you can eliminate suffering in order to create your hearts deepest desire.  These healing processes are your key to igniting the divine light with in.  As a facilitator for higher consciousness,  Lynda provides a shift in perspective and thought, to transcend the ego and experience heaven on earth.

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Igniting Grace Within-

A transformational process includes:

• Massage

Letting go of stress, worry and anxiety through a relaxing massage or creative visualization session.

• Hypnosis

Accessing Your Unlimited Successful You.  A powerful guided visualization process which takes you on a journey to access your higher awareness. Past Life Regression sessions allowing you to heal trauma and connect with your innate talents and creativity.

• Intuitive Empowerment Coaching

Establish Successful Perspective and Strategy –  gain the perspective of seeing and feeling the opportunities and possibilities. Create strategies to maintain a positive focus and supportive inner dialogue. Produce the action steps necessary to achieve your successful goal.

• Accountability

Maintaining your perspective and strategy through accountability.

  • Inner Confidence  for public speaking and self promotion
  • Letting go of unwanted habits: worrying, nail biting teeth grinding, overeating
  • Dissolve chronic debilitating anxiety


I have seen Lynda for almost 20 years and don’t know what I would do without her. Her talent and healing energy are truly something special. She treats the whole person, inside and out, with so much attention to exactly what your body and mind need. I have recommended her to everyone I know! Her services are not a luxury, but a necessity for your health and well being.
Andrea W.


What You Get


Lynda’s 20 years of expertise and dedication to facilitate the manifestation of your heart desire.


You will experience life changing results.  If you are inspired, ready and open, you will manifest your deepest desires. Watch how you shift to a higher vibration of thought and perspective.


Create physical well-being, recognition, money, higher consciousness, peace of mind, freedom.



Lynda, can guide you to a better feeling place, to discover your true essence, your true self, the divine within.