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  • How The Universe is Guiding me back to Oneness


    I am writing this blog to share my spiritual journey back to Oneness.  We are all on the journey, we just start waking up at different points along the way.  I am sharing my experiences to help readers become aware of how Spirit/God/Universe/divine what ever …

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  • End Suffering: The 4 Steps On Letting Go & How it Can Change Your Life

    Letting go is the most important thing you can do for your health, happiness, and success in life.  It is how you can restore your health from chronic illness or disease.  It can lead you to vast riches in your financial life and within your …

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  • How The Universe Is Guiding Me Back To Oneness

    Although the title has ‘me’ in it, this is really about everyone’s journey back to Oneness.  I think we are all so caught up in our survival mode consciousness; we miss out on the real truth of how the Universe works.  So this blog is …

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