How The Universe is Guiding me back to Oneness


I am writing this blog to share my spiritual journey back to Oneness.  We are all on the journey, we just start waking up at different points along the way.  I am sharing my experiences to help readers become aware of how Spirit/God/Universe/divine what ever you want to call it, is always there, giving us sign posts.  I  believe when we see the sign posts, it allows us to feel connected to something far bigger and greater than our fear based egos as well as understand and utilize our guidance system.  When we understand our    guidance system we can direct it to creating a life we want, based on our heart and not in our lower vibrational ego.  This blog is also a platform to share many tools and techniques that can help readers align with the higher frequencies, closer to the divine energies.

Continuing on my journey…..Years after I became a massage therapist, I took a workshop on hypnosis which opened my awareness to the power of the unconscious or subconscious.  Most of us fall victim to our subconscious as all our ‘stuff’ or traumas are pushed down into our subconscious.  Our ‘stuff‘ usually shows itself in unexpected ways.   For example, have you ever been with a loved one or a friend and they start tapping, or humming or whistling and you want to jump down their throat for doing something so annoying?  Or perhaps you go into a rage because someone cuts you off in traffic?  Or maybe you have been traveling, you are tired and hungry and you flip out because your hotel room is not ready or it was not to your expectations. All signs there is baggage lurking in your subconscious.

There are many tools we can use to help us harness our subconscious, we do not have to fall victim to it.  Using creative visualization is a very powerful tool which utilizes the higher frequencies through ones imagination to create what you want in your life.  Many of us have used the power of creative visualization in an unconscious way.  Due to our negative concepts about life, we unconsciously expect and imagine difficulties and problems to show up and sure enough they do!  We think to ourselves, oh I will never get that promotion because John has a higher degree than I do or I will never find Mr. Right because all the good ones are taken.  Shakti Gawain has a tremendous book called ‘Creative Visualizations’  which has sold over 6 million copies. It is an introduction and work book for learning and using creative visualization.  I highly recommend it.

Affirmations are another powerful tool to steer ones subconscious in the direction of your desires instead of falling victim to its usual lower vibrational downward spiral.  For instance, many of us grew up with ‘lack’ mentality.  You have all heard the expression, money does not grow on trees, waste not want not, etc…All believing in lack.  However, many of us now think of the universe as an abundant place full of possibilities.  Unconscious beliefs will always come up, although you can shift them (what is a belief but a thought you keep on having) by creating an affirmation that genuinely resonates.  You could write an affirmation on abundance which might sound like: ‘Today I share my abundance with someone who needs a gift of kindness.’  Or ‘I step into my day with quiet expectation the something wondrous will occur.’ Or’ Abundance flows into my  life in surprising miraculous ways everyday.’  To be really effective, the affirmation needs to come from your heart and not taken on because it mentally sounds good.

To direct your subconscious there are also guided meditation CD’s which help balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain.  My personal favorites are CD’s from Hemi-Sync.  Long ago the founder of Hemi-Sync, Robert Monroe created audio patterns that produced dramatic effects on states of consciousness.  He observed that certain sounds could be blended and sequenced to lead the brain to various states, ranging from deep relaxation or sleep to expanded states of awareness.  The result is a focused whole brain state known as hemispheric synchronization or hemi-sync.  They have a mirad of CD’s ranging from  financial success, personal growth, stress management, creativity, accelerated learning, anger to name a few. Check out their products-

I digress from my story….toward the end of the Hypnosis workshop we were blessed with a guest who came and gave us a Psychic demonstration.  His name was John Holland, unknown at the time, but is now a well known author and speaker. It was a powerful and entertaining demonstration.  During the lunch break I saw John sitting alone, so I asked if I could join him.  He gave me a warm smile and invited me to sit with him.  I asked him some questions on how he got into becoming a ‘Psychic’ which he generously responded to.  When we were making our way back to the workshop he got this funny kind of look to him and said, you are a nice person.  It took me aback, so I did not say anything, but he continued.  “No what I mean is you are a really, really nice person”.  I was still speechless and he went on to say, people have hurt you but deep down you are a really nice person, you would never do or say anything to hurt anyone.”  I did not know how to respond as it felt like he was looking into my soul.  I muffled a thank you and we went our separate ways.  I am not quite sure if it was his words that struck me or the energy behind his words, but it stayed with me over 15 years later.  Thank you Universe for the feed back that I am, deep down, a kind and nice person. My natural beingness: being helpful, compassionate and generousness comes out with out much thought and then at times when I am in my head and think about what I have just said or done, it sort of embarrassed me because I believed ’that being overly nice was a sign of weakness, or was strange because people were not like that.’  Well, the Universe gave me some excellent feed back from one of the top Psychics/mediums, I was a nice person.  So maybe I shouldn’t beat myself up because I don’t get things perfectly.  Note to self stop beating yourself up, there is no reason for it, you are a really nice and good person.

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