How The Universe Is Guiding Me Back To Oneness

Although the title has ‘me’ in it, this is really about everyone’s journey back to Oneness.  I think we are all so caught up in our survival mode consciousness; we miss out on the real truth of how the Universe works.  So this blog is about my personal awareness, hoping it will motivate all to focus on your life and witness how the universe is helping and guiding you back to Oneness.  Once you do this, your world will forever change because you are no longer a victim, you have choices because you know how to navigate  through life, how to manifest what your authentic self really wants, usually not a Ferrari or a big house in the Hamptons.

The Start….

I have been on a spiritual journey my whole life. I just didn’t know it until recently.  We all are, we are all going back to Oneness, God, the divine, ALA, whatever you want to call it.

Being a daughter of a corporate lawyer and growing up in the suburbs of Boston, I was ‘programmed’ or conditioned into wanting a corporate secure job.  Lucky for me, the universe had different plans.  I am grateful I listened enough to navigate my way through my conditioning and I will tell you it wasn’t easy.  After college I decided I would get my MBA so I could establish myself in the corporate world.  After getting an embarrassing low score on my GMAT  test (I think it ranked me as a moron, and last time I checked I was not),  I realized it was not the direction I was supposed to take.  Eventually I landed what I thought was my perfect job,  a Marketing Communications position with a Bio Tech company.  It was a great job but after a few years I felt like the protagonist in’ Eat, Pray Love’, it appeared perfect but it wasn’t enough.  I was haunted by this nagging, gnawing  empty feeling .  One day this emptiness became so strong, I decided to ask the universe for some help, I remember every detail of my request that day.  I was alone outside, sitting on the grass during my lunch break.  There was nothing ritualistic about my request, just gut wrenching desire, need, body, mind and soul.  I said something to the effect of: ”Thank you for my job here, I really like it, and it is everything I asked for, but it is not enough.  I need to help people in a more meaningful way, I want to change people’s lives in a profound way.  I have no idea what that would look like, but I figure you know me better than I do, so please, I beg of you, I beseech you, guide me to whatever it is, so I can be of service.”.  That was it, I let it go and went on with all my ‘have to’s’ of the day.

To make a long story short the universe got my message and led me to my request.  A few months after my request I got laid off from my job and at the same time, found out I was pregnant with my daughter, appearing to be bad timing but in retrospect could not have been more perfect.

A friends girlfriend led me to massage school, which I miraculously got funding for. ( A cousin I did not know very well was generous enough to loan me the money.)  After massage school I landed a position at a Health Center and was very busy giving many massages to lots of people.  I was in nirvana.  Learning massage was such a natural and easy thing for me, it felt great to me and it made other people feel good.  A win win situation.  Thank you Universe!!

After a few months I started getting energetic information or downloads from my clients.  These downloads would be scenes packed with emotional charges.  I did not know whether it was my imagination, so I ignored it for a while.  Finally I decided to be brave with one of my clients.  I received this download while giving her a massage which included an angry conversation with her boss, and I could tell she still had held  a lot of resentment about him, because of the way he  treated  her.  I thought it very interesting so I decided to test the waters and asked her to let me know if I was making this up.  I treaded lightly letting her know I was sensing she was having some issues at work with her boss and asked if that was accurate.  As she validated my accuracy I would say more, getting confirmations along the way.

There were times when I would get a ‘miss’ and I would make an internal note of how it felt differently than the ‘hits’ I would get.  On my journey now, spirit was telling me we are more than our bodies.  I became so interested in the energetic part I was experiencing, I went to study hypnosis.   A story for next week.



Lynda, can guide you to a better feeling place, to discover your true essence, your true self, the divine within.