Preparing for the 2012 Shift: The Oneness Blessing

The planetary 2012 entry into the 5th dimension has started.  It has been said by many great seers and prophets that all vibrational conditions are in place for this transformation or what has been called “the end of the world”.  We are at the turning point of all the cleansing to be complete so the critical mass is ready to take the leap of consciousness into the 5th dimension of time and space. The souls who are ready will elect to raise their vibrations to match those required to enter the new age.

There is a profound healing process spreading  like wildfire through the United States to prepare us for this great shift scheduled for December 21, 2012. This powerful healing process is called the Oneness Blessing and can be described as the process which allows the transference of divine energy. The Oneness Blessing is not a concept, it is an experience.  It has been brought to us, to assist in raising our vibration to become enlightened  beings. To truly understand the power of the Oneness Blessing it must be experienced.

To  illustrate the power of the Oneness Blessing I am sharing a story told by a Blessing Giver about  a Oneness Blessing Meditation event  held in a LA jail.

“A beautiful man named James Beard, who works in the LA prison system,  is a mentor and educator at a medium security Jail for about 150 men.  These men have to earn their way into this program by showing their willingness they want to get out and stay out of jail.  James has been giving Deeksha  (Blessings) at the jail for a few  years now and has one of the highest rehabilitation rates in the entire country. That  means that fewer of the men who go through this program return to jail than in any other system in the USA.

So imagine, 150 inmates all dressed in blue LA county jumpsuits sitting in every possible corner of the room.  There were 7 of us who gave Deekshas to all the men in preparation for the skinny white Monk to share the Oneness Meditation or Eye Deeksha with them.  Most of the men had received Deeksha before, some it was their very first time.  To give some background of the Oneness Meditation its purpose is three fold:   to allow you to experience joy and happiness without a reason, to deepen your connection with whatever you consider to be your higher power and most amazingly, to de-clutch you from the conflicted mind.  In essence, for you  to awaken to who you have always been.

As the Blessings progressed, the love in the room became unbelievably  strong, as we gently touched each of the men’s heads.  Many of them started to sob and the look of peace on their faces was priceless.  You could literally feel the remorse and acceptance of what they had done, pouring out of them.

After we were finished we all sat as Doug, the monk, was brought into the room.  He sat up on the stage already his body trembling slightly with giggles.  The men had their eyes closed and once Doug opened his eyes, they were instructed to do the same.  If you were looking in  the window it would look quite odd.  A bunch of inmates dressed  in  blue, staring into the eyes of another man who was dressed in white.  Inside however the Grace was pouring.  Being  in the presence of someone physically emotionally and spiritually intoxicated with God is an experience you must have, at least once in your life.

At first the only man who was laughing was the monk.  Then it began to spread like wildfire.  Some of the men were laughing wildly, some of them were sobbing like they hadn’t in years and others bodies were trembling.  Several men were quiet and fixated as if in a very powerful trance.  I experienced so much unconditional love as my body was howling in laughter along with them.  I felt so blessed to be experiencing this in a jail.  The Eye Deeksha lasted about 15 minutes and we sat in silence for 15 minutes more.

What these men expressed blew all of our minds and blew our hearts wide open.  The first man stood up and said ”I have done every drug known to man and I want to know what he was on!” James responded with laughter and said he thought the exact same thing, the first time he experienced it.  “He is on Divine Grace and nothing more” James expressed with a huge grin.

Several of the men had life reviews like a movie played out before them.  Many were able to forgive and ask for forgiveness for wrongs they had done or wrongs that had been done to them.  One man stood up and just started to sob uncontrollably as James walked over and embraced him.  As this happened, most of the other men teared up and cried with him, some laughed and some released in other ways.  All of us on the stage were also reaching for the Kleenex.  Everyone was moved deeply.  After a few minutes of sobbing the man expressed how wonderful and free and beautiful he felt.  (Remember these men are not spiritual junkies that know all of the jargon, these are incarcerated men!)

Another man shared that he felt so lucky to be in jail, because he felt GOD coming out of the eyes of the monk.  In the past this man couldn’t believe  God was real or if he was real, that God could love him.  He shared , that today he knew God was real  and that God loved him without condition and he knew  that because he had physically met God today!  It was such a profound sharing that the vibration rippled through out the room.  Others shared they felt loved for  the first time and had an experience of acceptance  which was different than trying to accept onesself.  These were not just words coming out of their mouths.  The emotion that they displayed, the smiles on their faces,  the glowing on their faces and the radiance coming from their eyes was proof that a profound  transformation had taken place.

I simply sat there in awe of the Divine, tears streaming down my face as I looked onto each beautiful man sharing their experiences.  It was obvious that these men had been broken down and were forced to surrender  by  the circumstances they were in.  In Oneness we have been taught that for the Divine to take over you must give up, you must surrender.  When this happens the Divine can do miraculous things.  I was witnessing this in person and was overcome with gratitude.  I was praying  that all of us could experience this level of letting go and surrender through grace without having to go to jail and have our physical freedom taken away.

In the past, there were a few that were able to transcend into this state of pure love, joy, light and Divine intoxication.  Now it is in the process of being freely given to all of humanity for those that want it.  Now is the time we have been waiting for and this gift Is being  given freely in so many forms!  So far the Oneness Meditation just happens to be my favorite.  It is short, simple, fun , and powerful with out talking  other than practical explanation.  It is simply just presence recognizing presence.

Although my personal experience has mostly been deep laughter and joy, it varies from person to person and from time to time.  Some people are put into a deep state of silence, some wail and cry and experience lot’s of pain, some feel nothing at all.  My sense is the deeper your connection with your divine or your experience of the higher power the more you experience.  Some people experience nothing and are very angry, this is experiencing something!  Having expectations not fulfilled is also an experience!  The truth is, that it’s not even really about what happens during the eye deeksha, is about your experience of life after it.  You will receive what ever you need to experience to move further along in the process of actually experiencing what all the great sages have shared for years.”

The Oneness movement in the United States has been growing exponentially because of its transformational powers.   For example, a Oneness Mediation was held in in Denver Colorado at the Mile High church with over 1500 attendees this past August.  If you would like to prepare for the upcoming shift and experience the Oneness Meditation or receive a Oneness Blessing you can visit  There are no required fees, only love offerings as the intention is for everyone to have access to experience the Oneness.  There are many Oneness Meditations going on in New England in October with the largest taking place on December 21, 2012, the day of the shift.



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