Another Day at ‘The Casa’

‘The Casa’

As we were walking down to the casa I marveled at the feel of the energy in and around the casa.  The town feels so calm and relaxed, although there were a lot of people driving and walking everywhere.  A very different feel than what we have in New England.  Maybe it is seeing almost everyone dressed in all white.  I am not quite sure whether it is a beautiful thing to see everyone in white or if it reminds me of people walking around a hospital.  Nonetheless very tranquil and calming.  People come from all over the world to see John of God and it is a bit strange to have English as the least spoken language.  There are many prayers and speeches going on at the casa,  all spoken in Portuguese. Most people who come to the casa are Brazilian, but Spanish, French and German are other languages you hear frequently.  I was standing in line for the Current Room and I heard a man speak English to a woman.  I was so excited I almost interrupted them to ask him if he lived in the states!  I thought better of it and did not say anything.


Waiting in Line to see John of God. The woman in the short skirt is Kathleen who we met at the airport

Looking at everyone is so interesting as you don’t know their reasons for being here.  There are some people without any hair, presumably from cancer, there are those in wheel chairs and crutches and some with noticeable face or skin conditions.  The saddest is the people with the children and babies.  I have gone on many healing retreats and the one thing that stands out to me is the ratio of men to women.  All the retreats I have been to before the small ones and larger ones, India and Adyashanti’s silent retreat in Omega the ratio is 30% – 20% men to 70%- 80% woman.  Here it is 50/50 with possibly more men than women.

So I was in the second time line this morning, which means I had seen John of God at least once before.  The line was much shorter, so it only took 30 minutes or so to stand in front of John of God to find out what I should do next. As I stood and looked at him I could not get over how different his eyes were, it was like I was looking into the eyes of a different person.  They were blue but more of a dark slate blue.  Each sitting (there is the morning sitting and the afternoon sitting)  he channels a different entities  I guess there are 38 different entities he has channeled over the years.  I  noticed when I was in the bookstore earlier the many pictures of John of God on books, posters etc….all showed him having brown eyes not blue!

One again it happened so quickly, but this time he said Current Room which meant I was to meditate in the current room later  that day for the second sitting at 1:30pm.  I have to tell you I was not looking forward to it as I did it the day before and it is not easy sitting in meditation for 4 hours!  I knew I was going to be sitting for a long time so off I went to walk down the street to window shop.

The meditation in the Current Room was unbelievable as I went into an altered state of consciousness after chanting to myself ‘I surrender my will to be in alignment with all that is, I ask that all lower energies be transmuted so I am one with the divine’.  After doing that awhile I felt Jesus’s presence.  I know that sounds unbelievable and it is, however I will never forget his energy, I did not want him to leave.  It was so calming, peaceful, knowing, understanding, and gentle all wrapped up in one.  So much went on, he talked to me, gave me a healing, instructions on healing and so much more and I  wish I could remember it all. It is kind of like having a really vivid dream which feells very real but when you come back to consciousness you can’t remember the dream.  At any rate,  It was an extremely powerful healing experience which left me feeling really good.  My nagging lower back pain has totally gone away.  Thank you, thank you!

So now I understand why the universe had me see the tractor trailer with “Jesus” painted on the side and had me notice “Jesus” written on the bench!  It was to prepare me for his presence in meditation. I love how the universe works, it is so…..magical.

I will be going to see John of God again tomorrow morning.  I wonder what will happen.  Stay tuned!


Crystals for sale at the casa bookstore



My favorite crystal. A rose quartz for only $1725 USD



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