Healing Journey in Brazil with John of God

The almost nine hour flight to Brasilia went quickly, although getting in at 5:30am my time, 7:30am Brasilia time left me a bit weary.  Getting the cab was effortless with Patrick taking care of all the details.  As we drove out, my senses were immediately over loaded with the traffic and  eyes stinging from the pollution. The roads are very different, with the rotaries being 100 times bigger and the the highways are more similar to our back roads but larger than our highways in the states.  I nodded off as we as we traveled the hour and 30 minute ride to Abadania.  Periodically I would be jolted awake when we went over  speed bumps that preceded a town we were entering and more speed bumps when we exited.  The drive went from a busy city to a suburban country side very quickly,  seeing dilapitaded stores with hand painted signs along the road. There was one bump I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was a tactor trailer driving the opposite direction with huge writing of ‘Jesus’ on the side.  I thought that is kind of an odd thing to have on a tractor trailer, I wonder what is inside the trailer? as I nodded off to sleep again.  Later as I thought of it, I felt it was a good omen to see “Jesus” along our route to the hotel.  Jesus has been someone  I call on when I do my healing work and when I need some help with forgiveness.

We arrived at our Hotel, or  Pousada and followed the taxi cab driver carrying our luggage through the hallways of the hotel.  There were  so many rights and lefts down small corridors I was very glad  Patrick was with me to find our way back to the front of the hotel.  After getting settled in our rooms Patrick took me to “The Casa” where everyone congregates to see John of God.


The Entrance of “The Casa”


It was a very short walk down a dusty road to pass through a large iron gate into a parking lot.  We walked around and the first thing that brought a big grin to my face was noticing the name “Jesus” written on one of the many benches facing a beautiful view of rolling hills.  I smiled because I don’t believe in coincidences so  I figured the universe was trying to get my attention for some reason.  The benches are a place people sit to meditate or do ‘the work’ what I call self inquiry.


The ‘Jesus’ Bench


The view from the bench


Later that night I went for a Crystal Light Bed session which consists of lying in a bed with 7 vogel crystals above you pointing at each one of  your chakras. Each one of the crystals is lighted and they blink on and off.  It is a very powerful way to clear your chakras.  My intention while I received the healing treatment was to receive the deepest possible healing so I could help others on their healing path.  As I lay there I could feel my joints, specifically my ankles, wrists, and neck start to get really warm and the muscles on the right side of my neck start to have a burning sensation.  I celebrate the pain as I know it is for healing.

There is so much more to say but it will have to wait until I go and receive my instructions from one of the entities John of God channels on whether I am to get a Psychic surgery, crystal light bed treatment, be sent to the sacred water falls, prescription for herbs or what ever I need.  We shall see what the next day at the “casa” brings!



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