Visit to John of God


On the way to the Casa from the Pousada or Hotel

We got up early to have our breakfast and walk down to the casa to see John of God.

It is always a long wait.  We wait to hear which line is being called, First time line, people who have never seen John of God, Second time line, and Revision line.  Revision line is when you have had surgery he or the entities look at how you are doing after your surgery.  Normally being a New Englander I would be going crazy waiting for hours but the energy at the casa is so wonderful, soothing, peaceful, healing.  I don’t mind waiting at all.

So we waited, I wrote down my desire and had our translator Vinny translate it for me.  We waited in line to go before John of God and hear what he or the entities prescribe for each person.  The first time I saw John of God I was prescribed prescription or pasaflora herbs, second time was sent to the current room, so this time I am hoping for a surgery.  If it is a surgery I am put in a cab back to the hotel or Pousada and stay in my room for 24 hours with meals brought to me.

I am hoping for a surgery the deepest kind of healing in my mind.  I am before John of God and in 10 seconds he says continue prescription!  My ego mind is disappointed although I know the entities know what is best for me.

As is the energy of the little town you meet people who you connect with.  I too met two woman who I feel like we have known each other forever, very comfortable.  I lovingly call them Hawaii and Montana as that is where they are from.


Waiting to go down to the Sacred Waterfall with Montana and Hawaii

Later that afternoon we go down to the sacred water fall where thousands have been healed.

It was a beautiful experience giving a prayer before we go into the water fall.  It is a small waterfall and the rocks are slippery.  The water is very cold but refreshing.  We leave in silence feeling really good, energized, tingly all over.  We were fortunate enough to see the florescent blue butterflies.  I tried getting one on a photo but they would not pose. A very special event.





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