My Spiritual Healing Experience


Standing in “Current room” line

We got up early as usual on the Wednesday morning so we could get a good place in the second time line.  As usual there were lots of people at the casa all dressed in white either in line or talking to people.  The meeting hall is always filled with standing room only. Very unfortunate for those who do not understand Portuguese as the speaker is only speaking in Portuguese.  On the side wall is a large monitor with a film of  John of God performing his physical surgeries.  (I am sorry I can not put in a picture of the meeting room but  they do not allow any photos taken.)  As I am standing in line I watch the amazing film of John of God sticking a forceps looking device up someones nose and twisting it.  The film goes on and on with various other types of surgeries with different people.  I am fascinated but at the same time cringing inside.  It is somewhat tense waiting to hear ‘your ‘ line being called as many times it is only called in Portuguese.


A garden at the casa

I went before John of God and as he looked into my eyes he says immediately operation.  Which means I am to go for spiritual surgery in the afternoon.

Later that afternoon….

As I was standing around ‘waiting’ to get in line with others to get our surgery, my left leg started having shooting pains, as I was talking to Patrick I started to feel weak and woozy.  I felt like I could not stand any longer so I went over to a bench and sat down.  The pain in my leg continued as did the woozy and weakness feeling.  I got the impression my surgery had already begun.  The surgery experience from the outside was like a group meditation which lasted 5 – 10 minutes.  However as I walked out I had a shooting pain in my right knee cap so sharp I had to stop walking. I have never had any trouble with either of my knees before.   I had difficulty focusing and my thoughts were somewhat non existent.  It took all my energy to walk to the cab stand to take a cab to my hotel not even 1/10 of a mile from the casa.

The surgery experience…..


The room in my Pousada where I stayed for 24 hours


As I lay in my bed at the Pousada/hotel I could not believe it.  Extreme pain in my legs, it felt like pins in needles combined with a severe burning sensation.  My thoughts kept going in a random fashion so I focused on witnessing the body sensations I was feeling.  After lying in bed for 3 hours I had to go to the bathroom and was amazed at how unbelievably weak I felt.  If you know how it feels when you have the flu and to get up from bed and walk 5 feet and it takes every ounce of energy you have, that is how I felt.  This continued for the next 24 hours and when the 24 hours was up, I felt like my old self.  It was like someone flipped a switch, one minute I can hardly walk and the next I feel good,  better than good, energetic, at peace and joyful.

Keep posted for my last day at the casa…Friday afternoon



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