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  • Witnessing Miracle Healing

    Healing has been my mission and passion as long as I can remember.  My healing journey has prompted me in assisting to heal other people while at the same time healing myself.  I become a better healer as I become a clearer channel.  Along the …

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  • My Spiritual Healing Experience

    We got up early as usual on the Wednesday morning so we could get a good place in the second time line.  As usual there were lots of people at the casa all dressed in white either in line or talking to people.  The meeting …

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  • Visit to John of God

    We got up early to have our breakfast and walk down to the casa to see John of God. It is always a long wait.  We wait to hear which line is being called, First time line, people who have never seen John of God, …

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  • Another Day at ‘The Casa’

    ‘The Casa’ As we were walking down to the casa I marveled at the feel of the energy in and around the casa.  The town feels so calm and relaxed, although there were a lot of people driving and walking everywhere.  A very different feel …

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  • My Healing Journey to Brazil


    The Departure to Brazil…. It was a busy departure, fitting in one last client and putting those last few things in the suitcase.  My heart was very warmed at the number of people who sent such blessings and good wishes to me on my healing …

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  • End Suffering: The 4 Steps On Letting Go & How it Can Change Your Life

    Letting go is the most important thing you can do for your health, happiness, and success in life.  It is how you can restore your health from chronic illness or disease.  It can lead you to vast riches in your financial life and within your …

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  • How The Universe Is Guiding Me Back To Oneness

    Although the title has ‘me’ in it, this is really about everyone’s journey back to Oneness.  I think we are all so caught up in our survival mode consciousness; we miss out on the real truth of how the Universe works.  So this blog is …

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