Witnessing Miracle Healing

Healing has been my mission and passion as long as I can remember.  My healing journey has prompted me in assisting to heal other people while at the same time healing myself.  I become a better healer as I become a clearer channel.  Along the way I have witnessed many miracles ranging from witnessing my hospice client with a prognosis of less than two weeks to live by her oncologist and after a few energy sessions living another 3 healthy years, all the way to eliminating 2 years of severe bursitis shoulder pain in one 30 minute energy session.  I have been blessed to be witness to these miracles and I invite you too to behold these miracles.  There is so much we do not know about the mechanisms of healing and how it works on some but not others.

However in my observations of miraculous healings in India and at the CASA in Brazil, with John of God, I have come to the understanding that in order to heal or allow ourselves to go back into balance we must be receptive to the possibility of healing.  A healing will not occur if someone does not believe it possible or their heart is not open to receiving it.  It is sad as I see society programming people to identify with their thoughts and to come to the conclusion that they are their thoughts and nothing else, so they miss out in the beauty and euphoric sensation of what it feels like to have the natural inclination to help a fellow being in distress.  If you want to behold a healing miracle I invite you to join my Remote Group Energy Healing session held twice a month in the comfort of your own home.  For more information or to register go to classes on this website or email: RHealingCenter@gmail.com.

images-3On the other hand,  if you have been witness to a physical, emotional or spiritual healing miracle I invite you to post your experiences below. Either way, by posting your comments you anchor in those miracles and as you anchor them in, as law of attraction goes into action you will attract more of the same.. miracles.  Miracles can come in many forms huge shifts in perspectives so broken relationships become fulfilling, a transformation in awareness so you are seeing the possibilities instead of the what if’s or the physical miracles that can occur.
Go ahead and post, leave your comments to anchor in those experiences they are real, and as you share,  you will bring more of it into your life!

My Spiritual Healing Experience


Standing in “Current room” line

We got up early as usual on the Wednesday morning so we could get a good place in the second time line.  As usual there were lots of people at the casa all dressed in white either in line or talking to people.  The meeting hall is always filled with standing room only. Very unfortunate for those who do not understand Portuguese as the speaker is only speaking in Portuguese.  On the side wall is a large monitor with a film of  John of God performing his physical surgeries.  (I am sorry I can not put in a picture of the meeting room but  they do not allow any photos taken.)  As I am standing in line I watch the amazing film of John of God sticking a forceps looking device up someones nose and twisting it.  The film goes on and on with various other types of surgeries with different people.  I am fascinated but at the same time cringing inside.  It is somewhat tense waiting to hear ‘your ‘ line being called as many times it is only called in Portuguese.


A garden at the casa

I went before John of God and as he looked into my eyes he says immediately operation.  Which means I am to go for spiritual surgery in the afternoon.

Later that afternoon….

As I was standing around ‘waiting’ to get in line with others to get our surgery, my left leg started having shooting pains, as I was talking to Patrick I started to feel weak and woozy.  I felt like I could not stand any longer so I went over to a bench and sat down.  The pain in my leg continued as did the woozy and weakness feeling.  I got the impression my surgery had already begun.  The surgery experience from the outside was like a group meditation which lasted 5 – 10 minutes.  However as I walked out I had a shooting pain in my right knee cap so sharp I had to stop walking. I have never had any trouble with either of my knees before.   I had difficulty focusing and my thoughts were somewhat non existent.  It took all my energy to walk to the cab stand to take a cab to my hotel not even 1/10 of a mile from the casa.

The surgery experience…..


The room in my Pousada where I stayed for 24 hours


As I lay in my bed at the Pousada/hotel I could not believe it.  Extreme pain in my legs, it felt like pins in needles combined with a severe burning sensation.  My thoughts kept going in a random fashion so I focused on witnessing the body sensations I was feeling.  After lying in bed for 3 hours I had to go to the bathroom and was amazed at how unbelievably weak I felt.  If you know how it feels when you have the flu and to get up from bed and walk 5 feet and it takes every ounce of energy you have, that is how I felt.  This continued for the next 24 hours and when the 24 hours was up, I felt like my old self.  It was like someone flipped a switch, one minute I can hardly walk and the next I feel good,  better than good, energetic, at peace and joyful.

Keep posted for my last day at the casa…Friday afternoon

Visit to John of God


On the way to the Casa from the Pousada or Hotel

We got up early to have our breakfast and walk down to the casa to see John of God.

It is always a long wait.  We wait to hear which line is being called, First time line, people who have never seen John of God, Second time line, and Revision line.  Revision line is when you have had surgery he or the entities look at how you are doing after your surgery.  Normally being a New Englander I would be going crazy waiting for hours but the energy at the casa is so wonderful, soothing, peaceful, healing.  I don’t mind waiting at all.

So we waited, I wrote down my desire and had our translator Vinny translate it for me.  We waited in line to go before John of God and hear what he or the entities prescribe for each person.  The first time I saw John of God I was prescribed prescription or pasaflora herbs, second time was sent to the current room, so this time I am hoping for a surgery.  If it is a surgery I am put in a cab back to the hotel or Pousada and stay in my room for 24 hours with meals brought to me.

I am hoping for a surgery the deepest kind of healing in my mind.  I am before John of God and in 10 seconds he says continue prescription!  My ego mind is disappointed although I know the entities know what is best for me.

As is the energy of the little town you meet people who you connect with.  I too met two woman who I feel like we have known each other forever, very comfortable.  I lovingly call them Hawaii and Montana as that is where they are from.


Waiting to go down to the Sacred Waterfall with Montana and Hawaii

Later that afternoon we go down to the sacred water fall where thousands have been healed.

It was a beautiful experience giving a prayer before we go into the water fall.  It is a small waterfall and the rocks are slippery.  The water is very cold but refreshing.  We leave in silence feeling really good, energized, tingly all over.  We were fortunate enough to see the florescent blue butterflies.  I tried getting one on a photo but they would not pose. A very special event.



Another Day at ‘The Casa’

‘The Casa’

As we were walking down to the casa I marveled at the feel of the energy in and around the casa.  The town feels so calm and relaxed, although there were a lot of people driving and walking everywhere.  A very different feel than what we have in New England.  Maybe it is seeing almost everyone dressed in all white.  I am not quite sure whether it is a beautiful thing to see everyone in white or if it reminds me of people walking around a hospital.  Nonetheless very tranquil and calming.  People come from all over the world to see John of God and it is a bit strange to have English as the least spoken language.  There are many prayers and speeches going on at the casa,  all spoken in Portuguese. Most people who come to the casa are Brazilian, but Spanish, French and German are other languages you hear frequently.  I was standing in line for the Current Room and I heard a man speak English to a woman.  I was so excited I almost interrupted them to ask him if he lived in the states!  I thought better of it and did not say anything.


Waiting in Line to see John of God. The woman in the short skirt is Kathleen who we met at the airport

Looking at everyone is so interesting as you don’t know their reasons for being here.  There are some people without any hair, presumably from cancer, there are those in wheel chairs and crutches and some with noticeable face or skin conditions.  The saddest is the people with the children and babies.  I have gone on many healing retreats and the one thing that stands out to me is the ratio of men to women.  All the retreats I have been to before the small ones and larger ones, India and Adyashanti’s silent retreat in Omega the ratio is 30% – 20% men to 70%- 80% woman.  Here it is 50/50 with possibly more men than women.

So I was in the second time line this morning, which means I had seen John of God at least once before.  The line was much shorter, so it only took 30 minutes or so to stand in front of John of God to find out what I should do next. As I stood and looked at him I could not get over how different his eyes were, it was like I was looking into the eyes of a different person.  They were blue but more of a dark slate blue.  Each sitting (there is the morning sitting and the afternoon sitting)  he channels a different entities  I guess there are 38 different entities he has channeled over the years.  I  noticed when I was in the bookstore earlier the many pictures of John of God on books, posters etc….all showed him having brown eyes not blue!

One again it happened so quickly, but this time he said Current Room which meant I was to meditate in the current room later  that day for the second sitting at 1:30pm.  I have to tell you I was not looking forward to it as I did it the day before and it is not easy sitting in meditation for 4 hours!  I knew I was going to be sitting for a long time so off I went to walk down the street to window shop.

The meditation in the Current Room was unbelievable as I went into an altered state of consciousness after chanting to myself ‘I surrender my will to be in alignment with all that is, I ask that all lower energies be transmuted so I am one with the divine’.  After doing that awhile I felt Jesus’s presence.  I know that sounds unbelievable and it is, however I will never forget his energy, I did not want him to leave.  It was so calming, peaceful, knowing, understanding, and gentle all wrapped up in one.  So much went on, he talked to me, gave me a healing, instructions on healing and so much more and I  wish I could remember it all. It is kind of like having a really vivid dream which feells very real but when you come back to consciousness you can’t remember the dream.  At any rate,  It was an extremely powerful healing experience which left me feeling really good.  My nagging lower back pain has totally gone away.  Thank you, thank you!

So now I understand why the universe had me see the tractor trailer with “Jesus” painted on the side and had me notice “Jesus” written on the bench!  It was to prepare me for his presence in meditation. I love how the universe works, it is so…..magical.

I will be going to see John of God again tomorrow morning.  I wonder what will happen.  Stay tuned!


Crystals for sale at the casa bookstore



My favorite crystal. A rose quartz for only $1725 USD

My Healing Journey to Brazil


The Departure to Brazil….

It was a busy departure, fitting in one last client and putting those last few things in the suitcase.  My heart was very warmed at the number of people who sent such blessings and good wishes to me on my healing journey to see John of God.  It was a little bitter sweet departure,  excited at the journey before me, the magic, miracles, synchronicities and possible adventures awaiting but  leaving  those that depend on me on a daily basis, pulled at my heart.


My 14 year old cat – Zip and 7 year old Vizsla watching me as I leave for the airport.

It did not take long for the universe to present the magic and  synchronicity that is always present if we allow it.  Patrick and I were sitting in the crowded Food Court in Atlanta getting a bite to eat before we caught the next flight to Brazilia.  A man was standing behind me with a large back pack on his back unknowingly banging into me.  Just as I was about to tell him what was happening I heard him say “do you know John of God” to someone next to him.  We quickly introduced ourselves and told him we too were going to see John of God.  His sister, Kathleen an intuitive, medium, and  psychiatrist had been four times and was going again with friends and family.  What are the chances of  running into people going to see John of God in a crowded Food Court in the Atlanta airport!  The synchronicity continues……We finally start boarding the plane and unknown to Patrick and I,  we end up sitting next to each other! We did not plan it, it just happened.  Boy,  if people don’t think the universe is the real orchestrator of events,  all they have to do is  observe and they will be amazed at the ongoing miracles.IMG_0398

Our logical minds can easily rationalize those events away as a normal coincidence  or we can be in awe and marvel at  how the universe works.  I tend to enjoy being in awe and gratitude for the things that come to me for my highest and best.  I will admit, at times I complain and grumble that things don’t go my way.  However when I look back after my complaining I notice it all happened for the best of everyone.


A picture of the sunset with the moon over head taken from inside the airplane.


How The Universe is Guiding me back to Oneness


I am writing this blog to share my spiritual journey back to Oneness.  We are all on the journey, we just start waking up at different points along the way.  I am sharing my experiences to help readers become aware of how Spirit/God/Universe/divine what ever you want to call it, is always there, giving us sign posts.  I  believe when we see the sign posts, it allows us to feel connected to something far bigger and greater than our fear based egos as well as understand and utilize our guidance system.  When we understand our    guidance system we can direct it to creating a life we want, based on our heart and not in our lower vibrational ego.  This blog is also a platform to share many tools and techniques that can help readers align with the higher frequencies, closer to the divine energies.

Continuing on my journey…..Years after I became a massage therapist, I took a workshop on hypnosis which opened my awareness to the power of the unconscious or subconscious.  Most of us fall victim to our subconscious as all our ‘stuff’ or traumas are pushed down into our subconscious.  Our ‘stuff‘ usually shows itself in unexpected ways.   For example, have you ever been with a loved one or a friend and they start tapping, or humming or whistling and you want to jump down their throat for doing something so annoying?  Or perhaps you go into a rage because someone cuts you off in traffic?  Or maybe you have been traveling, you are tired and hungry and you flip out because your hotel room is not ready or it was not to your expectations. All signs there is baggage lurking in your subconscious.

There are many tools we can use to help us harness our subconscious, we do not have to fall victim to it.  Using creative visualization is a very powerful tool which utilizes the higher frequencies through ones imagination to create what you want in your life.  Many of us have used the power of creative visualization in an unconscious way.  Due to our negative concepts about life, we unconsciously expect and imagine difficulties and problems to show up and sure enough they do!  We think to ourselves, oh I will never get that promotion because John has a higher degree than I do or I will never find Mr. Right because all the good ones are taken.  Shakti Gawain has a tremendous book called ‘Creative Visualizations’  which has sold over 6 million copies. It is an introduction and work book for learning and using creative visualization.  I highly recommend it.

Affirmations are another powerful tool to steer ones subconscious in the direction of your desires instead of falling victim to its usual lower vibrational downward spiral.  For instance, many of us grew up with ‘lack’ mentality.  You have all heard the expression, money does not grow on trees, waste not want not, etc…All believing in lack.  However, many of us now think of the universe as an abundant place full of possibilities.  Unconscious beliefs will always come up, although you can shift them (what is a belief but a thought you keep on having) by creating an affirmation that genuinely resonates.  You could write an affirmation on abundance which might sound like: ‘Today I share my abundance with someone who needs a gift of kindness.’  Or ‘I step into my day with quiet expectation the something wondrous will occur.’ Or’ Abundance flows into my  life in surprising miraculous ways everyday.’  To be really effective, the affirmation needs to come from your heart and not taken on because it mentally sounds good.

To direct your subconscious there are also guided meditation CD’s which help balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain.  My personal favorites are CD’s from Hemi-Sync.  Long ago the founder of Hemi-Sync, Robert Monroe created audio patterns that produced dramatic effects on states of consciousness.  He observed that certain sounds could be blended and sequenced to lead the brain to various states, ranging from deep relaxation or sleep to expanded states of awareness.  The result is a focused whole brain state known as hemispheric synchronization or hemi-sync.  They have a mirad of CD’s ranging from  financial success, personal growth, stress management, creativity, accelerated learning, anger to name a few. Check out their products- www.Hemi-sync.com.

I digress from my story….toward the end of the Hypnosis workshop we were blessed with a guest who came and gave us a Psychic demonstration.  His name was John Holland, unknown at the time, but is now a well known author and speaker. It was a powerful and entertaining demonstration.  During the lunch break I saw John sitting alone, so I asked if I could join him.  He gave me a warm smile and invited me to sit with him.  I asked him some questions on how he got into becoming a ‘Psychic’ which he generously responded to.  When we were making our way back to the workshop he got this funny kind of look to him and said, you are a nice person.  It took me aback, so I did not say anything, but he continued.  “No what I mean is you are a really, really nice person”.  I was still speechless and he went on to say, people have hurt you but deep down you are a really nice person, you would never do or say anything to hurt anyone.”  I did not know how to respond as it felt like he was looking into my soul.  I muffled a thank you and we went our separate ways.  I am not quite sure if it was his words that struck me or the energy behind his words, but it stayed with me over 15 years later.  Thank you Universe for the feed back that I am, deep down, a kind and nice person. My natural beingness: being helpful, compassionate and generousness comes out with out much thought and then at times when I am in my head and think about what I have just said or done, it sort of embarrassed me because I believed ’that being overly nice was a sign of weakness, or was strange because people were not like that.’  Well, the Universe gave me some excellent feed back from one of the top Psychics/mediums, I was a nice person.  So maybe I shouldn’t beat myself up because I don’t get things perfectly.  Note to self stop beating yourself up, there is no reason for it, you are a really nice and good person.

Until next week….

End Suffering: The 4 Steps On Letting Go & How it Can Change Your Life

Letting go is the most important thing you can do for your health, happiness, and success in life.  It is how you can restore your health from chronic illness or disease.  It can lead you to vast riches in your financial life and within your relationships.

Most of us were never taught how to let go.  We go through life holding on to dysfunctional relationships, jobs that sabotage our growth, and habits that literally kill us. We may smoke, eat poorly, not exercise, or worry excessively.

We have learned perfectly how to stuff unwanted feelings down and figure out ways to distract ourselves from experiencing unwanted or unpleasant thoughts and feelings.  Just look at how successful the movie industry is. We do not want to experience any discomfort the emotion might evoke, such as anger, sadness, or anxiety, so we do our best to avoid them.  However, we often find those unwanted feelings coming back when we least expect it, especially when someone pushes our button.  It is the same button that comes up again and again, possibly when you are being criticized, not respected, not being heard, or when you are being controlled.  Your button is there for a reason, to make you aware that there is a need in healing.   These uncomfortable lower vibration emotions will continually come back until we are able to “let go” of them.

You know you have not “let go” when the person or situation evokes a charge such as anger, sadness or fear.  We have all gone through the bitter relationship break-up, when 6 months or a year has passed and you still can’t think about the person without feeling charged up.  We rationalize that the charge is justifiable because the person was (choose one or more) abusive, betrayed you, cheated, used you, etc.  If you do not learn how to “let go,” you will inevitably find yourself in the same dysfunctional relationship or situation – only with different faces.  You will continue on that path until you have “let go” or released what is at the heart of the emotion, the cause of it all.

After years of learning from various authors as well as methods on letting go including: “The Sedona Method” by Jack Canfield, “The Secret of Letting Go” by Guy Finley, “The Art of Letting Go” by Vidya Frazier, and “Radical Forgiveness” by Coin Tipping,  I have detected key pieces of what is involved in the process of letting go. I have put these pieces into 4 key steps called “The Igniting Grace Process” of  letting go.

Step One: Observation

There are several components to the observation step which begins with observing the physical self or behavior.  Begin by observing yourself – be the compassionate witness, as though you were a scientist gathering data.  Gather this data on your behavior, watch what you do and don’t do.  Do you get up every morning and have the same routine?  Put on your bathrobe, go make yourself a cup of coffee, read the paper, check your email?  How conscious are you as you go through your day? When you are confident you have mastered observing your behavior you will then observe your thoughts. What inner dialogue do you observe yourself having during the day? What thoughts do you have while you are driving to work and someone is 1 inch away from your bumper?  What do you think when someone cuts you off, makes a left turn and creates an immediate adrenaline rush because you had to quickly maneuver to avoid hitting them?  Are you yelling out F bombs and giving them the finger as they cut you off? Or are you thinking compassionate thoughts of understanding that they are having a bad day?

The last level of observation is of one’s emotions, observing your feelings throughout the day.  How do you feel when you read a sad story in the paper?  What happens when you watch a violent, bloody movie?  Or do you not feel anything?  Just become the observer, the compassionate witness without any judgment. In the process you will become aware of your true self – the observer.

Step 2:  Awareness of Key Feeling

The second step involves getting in touch with the key feeling that gets created when our button gets pushed.  We must accept the key feeling and not judge it as ‘bad’.  Although we do have the choice to stuff it back down, rationalize it, or play the blame game- that it is really not us, it is all the other person’s fault.  However, if we choose one of those options, it is inevitable the feelings will return.  After becoming aware of the feeling and accepting it, you must go deeper to find the heart or core reason it evoked the feeling. If one of your buttons is about not receiving respect, it might evoke anger or a feeling of unworthiness, if you go deeper into the feeling you will discover the core reason is that you are not feeling acknowledged.  Whatever you have a knee jerk reaction to, it will lead you to one of the two core reasons which are at the heart of all buttons, not feeling good enough or not feeling acknowledged.

Step 3:  Accept the Feeling

The third step in the letting go process is accepting the feelings.  By understanding that feelings are not good or bad, that they are just energy, you can observe them and detach from them.  By detaching from them you will experience the realization that you are not your emotions, just as you are not purely your body.  When you are able to detach, the emotions no longer control your behavior, and you then have choices.  You are able to accept the emotion for what it is, simply energy providing information.

To completely accept the source emotion, you must go back to the creation of the charge.  It is necessary to discover how it got created in order to gain an understanding that it was an unconscious reaction of the perpetrators own suffering that caused them to lash out.  The repeated situation caused the charge to lodge deeply in your psyche.  This most likely was when you were a small child and your parents, siblings or grandparents said or did something that left a charge all the way in your cellular memory.  Going back to that time, through hypnosis, prayer or self reflection provides a perspective that as a small child you took their words or actions very personally.  Through the process, you will come to experience a knowing that it was really your parents, siblings, or whomever, just reacting to their own inferior feelings and previous conditioning.

Step 4:  Transcending The Feeling or Thought

The fourth step in the process of letting go is to transcend the feeling or thought. We are able to do this through becoming aware of our true essence, and by understanding that we are not our feelings.  Our authentic self (our spiritual self) is not aligned with the lower vibration emotions and when we hold onto lower frequency emotions, we live in a state of conflict.  When we live in a state of conflict, we live in our heads.  We make wrong decisions and attract negative circumstances and disturbing relationships that are based on desperation or hurt.

When we get to know our authentic self, we then have the choice to align our thoughts and actions with a higher vibration.  We are able to ‘wake up’ from our unconscious conditioned thoughts and beliefs.

Once you go through the letting go or ‘Igniting Grace Process’ of Observing, Awareness of key Feelings, Accepting, and Transcending the thought or feeling, the unwanted thought or feeling will never  return.  When you let go of unwanted emotions and thoughts, you are filled with a sense of peace, clarity, and a higher awareness of the beauty and joy all around you.  You are no longer looking at the glass as half empty.  Your life will be forever changed.

I have taken many people through “The Igniting Grace Process” with huge success.  One of my recent clients commented she had made more progress in one session during this process than in all the years she spent in therapy and various other holistic modalities.  I am excited about the powerful effect of this process and look forward to continued success with it.

How The Universe Is Guiding Me Back To Oneness

Although the title has ‘me’ in it, this is really about everyone’s journey back to Oneness.  I think we are all so caught up in our survival mode consciousness; we miss out on the real truth of how the Universe works.  So this blog is about my personal awareness, hoping it will motivate all to focus on your life and witness how the universe is helping and guiding you back to Oneness.  Once you do this, your world will forever change because you are no longer a victim, you have choices because you know how to navigate  through life, how to manifest what your authentic self really wants, usually not a Ferrari or a big house in the Hamptons.

The Start….

I have been on a spiritual journey my whole life. I just didn’t know it until recently.  We all are, we are all going back to Oneness, God, the divine, ALA, whatever you want to call it.

Being a daughter of a corporate lawyer and growing up in the suburbs of Boston, I was ‘programmed’ or conditioned into wanting a corporate secure job.  Lucky for me, the universe had different plans.  I am grateful I listened enough to navigate my way through my conditioning and I will tell you it wasn’t easy.  After college I decided I would get my MBA so I could establish myself in the corporate world.  After getting an embarrassing low score on my GMAT  test (I think it ranked me as a moron, and last time I checked I was not),  I realized it was not the direction I was supposed to take.  Eventually I landed what I thought was my perfect job,  a Marketing Communications position with a Bio Tech company.  It was a great job but after a few years I felt like the protagonist in’ Eat, Pray Love’, it appeared perfect but it wasn’t enough.  I was haunted by this nagging, gnawing  empty feeling .  One day this emptiness became so strong, I decided to ask the universe for some help, I remember every detail of my request that day.  I was alone outside, sitting on the grass during my lunch break.  There was nothing ritualistic about my request, just gut wrenching desire, need, body, mind and soul.  I said something to the effect of: ”Thank you for my job here, I really like it, and it is everything I asked for, but it is not enough.  I need to help people in a more meaningful way, I want to change people’s lives in a profound way.  I have no idea what that would look like, but I figure you know me better than I do, so please, I beg of you, I beseech you, guide me to whatever it is, so I can be of service.”.  That was it, I let it go and went on with all my ‘have to’s’ of the day.

To make a long story short the universe got my message and led me to my request.  A few months after my request I got laid off from my job and at the same time, found out I was pregnant with my daughter, appearing to be bad timing but in retrospect could not have been more perfect.

A friends girlfriend led me to massage school, which I miraculously got funding for. ( A cousin I did not know very well was generous enough to loan me the money.)  After massage school I landed a position at a Health Center and was very busy giving many massages to lots of people.  I was in nirvana.  Learning massage was such a natural and easy thing for me, it felt great to me and it made other people feel good.  A win win situation.  Thank you Universe!!

After a few months I started getting energetic information or downloads from my clients.  These downloads would be scenes packed with emotional charges.  I did not know whether it was my imagination, so I ignored it for a while.  Finally I decided to be brave with one of my clients.  I received this download while giving her a massage which included an angry conversation with her boss, and I could tell she still had held  a lot of resentment about him, because of the way he  treated  her.  I thought it very interesting so I decided to test the waters and asked her to let me know if I was making this up.  I treaded lightly letting her know I was sensing she was having some issues at work with her boss and asked if that was accurate.  As she validated my accuracy I would say more, getting confirmations along the way.

There were times when I would get a ‘miss’ and I would make an internal note of how it felt differently than the ‘hits’ I would get.  On my journey now, spirit was telling me we are more than our bodies.  I became so interested in the energetic part I was experiencing, I went to study hypnosis.   A story for next week.

Lynda, can guide you to a better feeling place, to discover your true essence, your true self, the divine within.