Healing Habits Program


Healing Habits Programnegative-self-talk

  • Healing Habits Program helps those suffering from unwanted habits such as smoking, over eating or excessive snacking on junk food, excessive worrying, anxiety, nail biting, enormous TV watching.  It is very effective in eliminating negative thought patterns and behaviors such as: limiting beliefs, negative self talk, indulging in self pity, overly negative, cynical or complaining, dwelling in the past, feeling you have no control, are a victim of your circumstances or engaged in unhealthy relationships, excessive anger or depression, lacking interest or passion with life. Through this unique process the patterns that keep you stuck in your sabotaging habits are released, allowing you to create healthier and  more enjoyable patterns.

As energetic beings we have many energy systems: aura, meridians and chakras which can accumulate and hold layers of stuck negative energy.  These many layers of stuck energy can be  picked up on a daily, weekly and yearly basis as well as come from traumas, sabotaging beliefs, or emotions originating from parents, family or past lives.

What A Session Looks Like

Each session will clear and release exactly what is necessary and appropriate for you to release.  Each session will start with Intuitive Coaching to help you discover and align with your core essence or your compassionate witness who is with you always.  After the Intuitive Coaching  massage and hypnosis cmay be incorporated.  The process of releasing negative energy from all your energy systems begins in the first session, starting with comfortably lying on a massage table while listening to soothing music and enjoying a relaxing short massage (fully clothed).  The massage is focused on releasing tight muscles around the neck and back.  After the massage you will be taken on a guided journey, to a place where you will be able to transmute layers of negative energy and unconscious beliefs effortlessly, while being surrounded by 0c7462c5e3fd1295a6bf39349ef6ed7apowerful loving light beings assisting the healing process.

After Your Session…

After Your Healing Habits Sessions it is recommended to schedule a Transformational Coaching session in order to maintain the high consciousness and awareness.  Transformational Coaching sessions are geared to help people maintain a high energy vibration.  We can all get bogged down with the broadcasting of societies lower vibrational perspective filled with fear, lack mentality, and anger.  Transformational Coaching allows a person to see a situation from a higher perspective.  A perspective filled with compassion and understanding, to be aligne d with the view – ‘of course’ people acted or said those things. The Transformational Coaching sessions allow you to release any pent up emotions so you can let go and gain a higher perspective for your growth and happiness.  As an intuitive my goal is to connect with your higher self and through entrainment your energetic frequency will rise, allowing you to gain a perspective of understanding, compassion, tenderness and empathy with yourself and the situation. When a higher perspective is gained unseen solutions present themselves miraculously.


Immediately after the session you will feel lighter, freer, more at peace, stress will diminish as you integrate into your everyday life, greater focus and clarity of mind, increased energy, feeling happier and more positive.  Allowing you to let go of any habit that has been holding you back from experiencing life at a much higher level.

What to Expect  

The needed number of sessions varies depending upon the circumstance and individual.  Generally 2 – 4 visits  eliminate the unwanted habit. Sessions last from 60 to 80 minutes.

 Fee: $125

To schedule your Healing Habits Session call: 508-875-1705 or Email: RHealingCenter@gmail.com

Lynda, can guide you to a better feeling place, to discover your true essence, your true self, the divine within.