Transformational Coaching


Transformational Coaching

Through  Lynda’s connection with your angels and guides and the powerful process of coaching you will let go of  limiting thoughts and feelings to reveal your passions, your hidden talents, your light within.  Discover  a higher consciousness/awareness your angels and guides want to share.  Through entrainment and key questions you will gain a higher awareness and deeper connection with your authentic self your true essence.  You will be amazed  as you reconnect with your natural psychic abilities and build a life filled with inner peace, joy and fulfillment.

What Transformational Coaching is-

Coaching helps you get through those invisible barriers that block you from manifesting the life you have always imagined.  It is a solutions oriented process that helps you find your own answers.  It accelerates your progress by providing focus on what you really want and gets you to break through what is holding you back.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching provides the space and tools to refocus and reframe negatives to create positives.  It facilitates the letting go of the lower feeling energies: anger, uncertainty and sadness in order to manifest what you want.  Coaching  shifts your perspective and focus in what you heart desires instead of complaining of what you do not have.  When you raise your overall energy to a higher level of consciousness, you don’t have to create new thoughts, as your natural default or core thought will attract success and happiness.

The Benefits-

  • Let go of unwanted thoughts and feelings
  • Be empowered to reconnect with your own inner wisdom to gain clarity.
  • Find answers and be able to set a new direction for your life.
  • Learn techniques to reach your peak performance and enjoy the achievement of your success.
  • Discover an inner confidence that helps you see things from a perspective of abundant possibilities.
  • Clear away any negative, self sabotaging, blocking energies that create doubts and fears.

What to Expect-

Your personal Transformational Coaching session can be in person or on the phone.  The sessions are weekly lasting from 45 to 55 minutes with unlimited e-mail correspondence.  Typically it takes three months to achieve personal sustainable results.

How it Works-

      • Through Lynda linking with your guides, key questions,  written exercises, and assignments, you will connect with your authentic self. Once connected you will have a understanding of who you are in truth, what you are in truth and how you serve.  This shows you how your small self or  your lower consciousness ego shows up.  Your perspective is forever changed with these insights.  Through the coaching process, you are able to to have the choice to let go of self sabotaging, unwanted thoughts and feelings so they no longer undermine a life filled with joy and happiness.  Through coaching your outlook becomes more positive, seeing the opportunities and possibilities.


Define goal or desire

Take inventory of conflicting beliefs

Discover invisible barriers

Implement Strategies and steps to your achieve goals




*  Manifest the life you imagined into reality
Gain more confidence
*  Discover your innate skills and abilities, your inner power
Obtain new insights for a fresh perspective
Create High Energy Relationships
*  Develop spiritual self
Find your inner purpose

To sign up for a Transformational Coaching session: email Lynda or call 508-561-8935

Lynda, can guide you to a better feeling place, to discover your true essence, your true self, the divine within.