Mind body modalities such as hypnosis have become an effective common place method for healing and health maintenance. Hypnosis has become more widely accepted because it does not involve potential habit forming drugs, has no detrimental side effects and is inexpensive.

One of the biggest benefits experienced with hypnosis, is measurable and noticeable relief from stress.  Stress is accountable for 85% of all illnesses and diseases, including: heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, digestive disorders chronic anxiety, autoimmune diseases, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and headaches to name a few.

Hypnosis For Athletes –

If you are serious about improving your athletic performance ie golf or tennis game,  to perform at your optimal level, hypnosis is a proven and powerful technique to attain your goal.images-21

Many well-known athletes have worked with trained hypnotherapists to achieve significant gains in their personal performance, regardless of their sport.

Athletes have chosen hypnosis because it is a proven legitimate form of treatment which is effective in bringing about positive change, developing new habits and behaviors, and releasing unhealthy or unproductive emotions.

Hypnosis is a powerful technique because it elicits change at the unconscious level which is the driving force between most of our beliefs and behaviors. Hypnosis can help an athlete overcome issues of self-doubt which may be holding him back from reaching his next level. It can help sharpen an athletes skills, fine-tune a technique, and have a level of self-belief and confidence to excel beyond what he may have thought possible. In addition hypnosis can help an athlete overcome performance anxiety or pre-game jitters by acquiring the intense focus required to be at the top of his game.

Hypnosis has helped thousands of athletes and others to quiet their mind, release anxiety, and become 100% focused on their game or goal.

Hypnosis can also help athletes recover more quickly from a sports injury. By accelerating the recovery time the athlete can return to practice and competition more quickly, which can be very important for athletes competing at a high level.

Tiger Woods and Jimmy Connors are excellent examples of incredible athletes who have used hypnosis to achieve a phenomenal level of success. Tiger Woods has reportedly been utilizing powerful self-hypnosis techniques since his early teens. Not only has he used it to visualize every swing and stroke in his mind before carefully executing it on the course, he also uses it to “get in the zone”.

Benefits of Hypnosis

Many times our intentions are undermined by our negative unconscious thoughts, habits and impulses. Hypnosis is an effective and powerful tool to replace those negative unconscious habits with more positive and beneficial ones.

Hypnosis has been a powerful technique with:images-20

  • Phobias, Fears
  • Social  & General Anxiety
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Stress
  • Grief & Loss
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Creating Healthy Habits

What Hypnosis is-

Hypnosis is a method of induced relaxed awareness in order to allow the conscious thinking mind to take a back seat so the unconsc
ous mind becomes available.  The accessibility of the unconscious mind provides the opportunity to release sabotaging beliefs and habits forever.  This is important because once released and eliminated, new self empowering activities occur and recovery from any imbalance takes place. Hypnosis is a tool for better health, relieve stress, eliminate bad habits, etc..

What to Expect

While lying comfortably on a massage table the practitioner take the client on a relaxing soothing guided meditation allowing the conscious analytical mind to take a back seat.  During the session the client is in complete control aware of it all and remembers everything afterward.  The relaxed awareness or trance state is a normal healthy state of being experienced through out the day. Research has found the ability to be hypnotized is correlated with high intelligence concentration and focus.

Who Benefits

* Anyone who desires a profound positive change
* Wants more control over behavior
* Wants to eliminate self sabotaging behaviors such as over eating,or worrying
* Wants to gain clarity on a reoccurring memory
* Wants to heal at the source (emotional or physical concern)

Recommended Sessions-

In general you will experience immediate positive results with each session.  Therefore, it depends upon the individual’s goals for personal growth and development.  Many people choose to come in regularly for their own personal growth and development.

Lynda, can guide you to a better feeling place, to discover your true essence, your true self, the divine within.